вторник, 17 ноября 2020 г.

Ninja guy

Ninja Guy  is a dynamic action game where the main character is a young ninja who has to go through a difficult path to gain recognition and respect from sensei. As you know, all ninja undergoing training must defeat the giant Minotaur at the last stage. However, to get to him, the young ninja will have to break through the crowd of his henchmen and go the hard way. On your way you will meet the most unusual enemies - crazy revived pumpkins, skeletons, wild boars and many other creatures.

But nothing will stop a determined and well-trained warrior! Prove to your teacher that you deserve the title of ninja! The developers promise all people that during the game the person playing will spend most of their time laughing. Yes, yes, this game is designed to make any person laugh. Of course, this is not the main advantage of the game, but the creators themselves consider it necessary to start the presentation of the application precisely from this fact. Excellent 3D graphics Unique bosses Battle with 25 enemies at the same time! Superb gameplay!

Ninja Cookie

Ninja Cookie  is an arcade game with an unusual main character. Hordes of cupcakes, angry bees, jelly monsters and other publics are attacking the Candy Land - only our hero is able to stop this invasion and restore order. Against the background of pastoral and confectionery landscapes. There are two ways to destroy enemies. Normal heroes go hand-to-hand and instantly drop their skates. Abnormal ones throw blue clots. In addition, ultra-modern weapons are equipped with auto-aiming. You cannot choose the target yourself, which is why the shells sometimes calmly go into the "milk".

The “arrows” are responsible for running, the number keys will not help here; jumping - Enter; shooting - right Ctrl; melee attack —Backspace. All levels are occupied by races along narrow cornices over bottomless ones in the literal sense of the word - they have not a bottom, but a lemon-yellow void with abysses and huge vats with hot marmalade. The developers have created several modes. First you need to collect eight mini-spheres that include a portal to the next location. For the second time, many, many small candies are scattered on the ground, for the collection of which points are awarded. The third attempt differs from the first only by the time limit. Finally, on the fourth run, you have to look for the same candies, but there are few of them, and they are well hidden.


The latest game in the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM series will allow PC players to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of NARUTO. Lots of new techniques, improved mechanics, 100 playable characters and support ninjas, and a new special character Mecha-Naruto.

Ninja Battles - exciting battles and original dynamic animation will make you hold your breath. Improved Gameplay - Updated gameplay mechanics, added Ultimate Jutsu combos and cooperative attacks. New Characters - 100 playable characters and support ninjas, including new characters and previously unused combinations! World Ninja Tournament is a mesmerizing single player mode in which 4 ninjas fight. The ninja with the most Combat Orbs wins!

10 Second Ninja

10 Second Ninja  is a fast-paced indie action platformer in which you play as a ninja. Nazi robots, together with their leader, the robot Hitler, are on a fierce hunt for you. You also have to fight back the enemy and inflict a crushing blow on the Robot's empire. You will have only 10 seconds to destroy all opponents on each of the 40 challenging levels of the game.

Play over and over to beat the level in record time and earn the coveted three stars! Break your keyboard or gamepad in a fit of anger! Fight with your friends in milliseconds on the leaderboards. Prove that you can play games and collect all 30 achievements. This game contains scenes with flashes of light. It is not recommended to play it for people suffering from photogenic epilepsy.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - TMNT ( Turtles Ninja )

The heroes of this ninja game are four friends-turtles from the popular TV series who study the art of martial arts under the strict guidance of an extraordinary teacher. So that life is not just a boring theory, the company periodically leaves its shelter on the streets of the city, where it engages in fierce battles with representatives of the dark forces represented by the ancient clan. All sorts of mutants and even aliens are against the ninja in this game, which belongs to the classic fighting games, so they definitely won't find time to relax.

The world is in danger, and the protagonists seek to restore the balance of good and evil in it. For the player - the choice of his turtle, which has access to certain elements of the weapon - and you can safely start a battle with enemies, scattering them around all the nooks and crannies. As the game progresses, ninjas constantly improve their skill level with the help of a faithful sensei. Regardless of the character chosen, the original development options for this exciting arcade game will not allow you to suffer from boredom.