вторник, 17 ноября 2020 г.

Ninja Cookie

Ninja Cookie  is an arcade game with an unusual main character. Hordes of cupcakes, angry bees, jelly monsters and other publics are attacking the Candy Land - only our hero is able to stop this invasion and restore order. Against the background of pastoral and confectionery landscapes. There are two ways to destroy enemies. Normal heroes go hand-to-hand and instantly drop their skates. Abnormal ones throw blue clots. In addition, ultra-modern weapons are equipped with auto-aiming. You cannot choose the target yourself, which is why the shells sometimes calmly go into the "milk".

The “arrows” are responsible for running, the number keys will not help here; jumping - Enter; shooting - right Ctrl; melee attack —Backspace. All levels are occupied by races along narrow cornices over bottomless ones in the literal sense of the word - they have not a bottom, but a lemon-yellow void with abysses and huge vats with hot marmalade. The developers have created several modes. First you need to collect eight mini-spheres that include a portal to the next location. For the second time, many, many small candies are scattered on the ground, for the collection of which points are awarded. The third attempt differs from the first only by the time limit. Finally, on the fourth run, you have to look for the same candies, but there are few of them, and they are well hidden.

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